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Redesigning 5 Bootstrap CSS Components

Still using Bootstrap CSS? Here's how to redesign bootstrap components to make your UI's beautiful.

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5 Design Tips to Make your Boring Bootstrap Sites Beautiful

Still using Bootstrap CSS? Here's 5 design tips to make your Bootstrap UI's beautiful.

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Hacking Bootstrap for Better Looking Sites

A tutorial of actionable design tips to achieve satisfaction with the look of your bootstrap themed site.

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You can create a great looking website while sucking at design

How to create great looking websites while having little design skill.

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How the Web Works

A basic explanation of how a website works for beginner developers

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🔥 Tutorials & Hot Tips

Use line clamp to force the same height on content

The line clamp plugin in Tailwind will truncate text to a fixed number of lines.

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Working with Line Heights in Tailwind CSS

Line heights in Tailwind CSS can be tricky.

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How to expand the Bootstrap CSS color palette

Bootstrap CSS only ships with a handful of colors. Learn how to get more colors at your disposale.

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How to dynamically render a laravel blade component from a variable

Learn how to use variable values to call Laravel Blade components.

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The one code snippet you need to understand css media queries

This code snippet is what I use to start my CSS file in new projects. It breaks down how media queries work.

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The 5 laravel artisan commands you have to know

The 5 Laravel artisan commands you need to know to be a productive Laravel developer.

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7 design tips for Developers who suck at design

A lot of devs struggle with design. Here are 7 actionable steps you can take to make your ui look better.

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How to Use Google Analytics 4 in NuxtJS

A tutorial on how to setup Google Analytics 4 in NuxtJS.

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How to add and subtract dates in Laravel

Find out how to add and subtract dates in Laravel with the Carbon package

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How to get the current timestamp in Laravel

Find out how to get the current timestamp in Laravel with the Carbon package

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An Easy Mobile Navbar with Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS

Use this responsive navbar with tailwind css and alpine js when you need a mobile menu.

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An Easy Responsive Navbar with Tailwind CSS

Use this responsive navbar with tailwind css when you don't feel like reaching for javascript to toggle mobile menu's.

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Creating Custom Colors Fast in Tailwind CSS

The fastest way to add custom colors in Tailwind CSS is directly in your html!

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How to Use Factories to Create Dummy Data in Laravel

A quick video on using Laravel Factories to add dummy data to your database while developing.

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